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Optimism is a Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup network designed to utilize the strong security guarantees of Ethereum while reducing its cost and latency. Optimism processes transactions outside of Ethereum Mainnet, reducing congestion on the base layer and improving scalability. For a Deep Dive into Optimism, we recommend reading through their Documentation.
How Optimism Works
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Optimism differs in it's EVM implementation in the calculation of gas costs, since it also needs to pay for L1 resources.

Gas costs on Optimism

Optimism settles it's transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. This happens via a sequencer contract on L1 that submits the raw calldata of any given transaction on Optimism's Network on L1 in batches. These costs for the batch settlement transactions needs to be accounted for in the Calculation of gas costs on Optimism. The transaction fees on Optimism are calculated with the following formula:
Transaction Fees=L1 fee+(L2 gas priceL2 gas used)Transaction\ Fees = L1\ fee + (L2\ gas\ price * L2\ gas\ used)
The L1 Fee consists of:
L1 Fee=Fee ScalarL1 Gas PriceL1 Gas UsedL1\ Fee = Fee\ Scalar * L1\ Gas\ Price * L1\ Gas\ Used
L1 Fee Scalar is a variable that can be increased/decreased by the Optimism Team. It ensures that the gas costs for L1 are sufficiently covered and provides income to the Optimism Team. L1 Gas Price is an estimation of the gas price on Mainnet.
L1 Gas used breaks down to:
L1 Gas Used=Calldata gas+a fixed overhead gas costL1\ Gas\ Used = Calldata\ gas + a\ fixed\ overhead\ gas\ cost
So the full calculation of gas costs on optimism consists of:
Transaction Fee=Fee ScalarL1 Gas Price(L1Calldata gas+a fixed overhead gas cost)Transaction\ Fee = Fee\ Scalar * L1\ Gas\ Price * (L1 Calldata\ gas + a\ fixed\ overhead\ gas\ cost)
You can read more about Optimism Gas Costs and the approach to minimize them in this article.


To calculate gas costs for a transaction on Optimism you need to follow this formula:
L1\_Fee + (gas_price*gas_used)
Additionally, Optimism hasn't implemented EIP1559, so it follows the "old" gas auction model.

Raw data tables

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