BNB Chain (BSC)
Raw data tables are the basic building blocks of our database.
BNB Chain(formerly Binance Smart Chain, BSC) is an instance of the Ethereum Virtual Machine built and maintained by a team from the popular Crypto Exchange Binance. BNB Chain follows most of the rules of Ethereum Mainnet, but has not implemented EIP1559. Instead it relies on BEP-95 to burn fees that accrue during usage of the platform. Furthermore, the gas limit per block is set to 100 mio, enabling more transactions to be processed in a given block. Transactions fees are paid in $BNB instead of $ETH.
You can read more about BNB Chain in the documentation.
On Dune, that means that the gas fields for EIP1559 transactions stay empty, everything else is the same.
Introduction | BNB Chain Documentation
BNB Chain Documentation

Raw data tables

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