DuneSQL enhances blockchain data analysis by leveraging a Trino fork. This engine excels in performance for interactive queries across vast datasets, from gigabytes to petabytes.

Key Features

DuneSQL shines with unique blockchain-focused capabilities:

  • Varbinary Data Types: Store blockchain specifics like addresses and hashes efficiently.
  • Uint256 & Int256 Support: Essential for blockchain’s large numerical data.
  • Columnar Storage: Optimizes read speed by organizing data by columns.
  • Query Views: Enables complex query construction and reusability.
  • Materialized Views: For enhanced query performance through pre-computed results.

DuneSQL Essentials

DuneSQL offers a robust platform for blockchain data exploration. As a modified version of TrinoSQL, it supports scalable, interactive analysis across diverse data sizes.

Our documentation equips you with the necessary tools to efficiently harness DuneSQL.


Need help with DuneSQL? Start here:

  • Google <problem> Trino SQL for general inquiries.
  • Chat with your favorite AI assistant and ask for Trino SQL help.
  • Check Trino’s official documentation for detailed insights.