Our data catalog can be divided into the following categories:

Our entire data catalog is accessible through the Dune Web App, the Dune API or the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Blockchain Data

Dune provides data for a wide range of blockchains. Our data catalog includes raw data, decoded data, and abstracted data tables for each blockchain.

EVM Chains

We provide the most comprehensive data catalog for Ethereum Mainnet and EVM-compatible rollups, sidechains and other layer 2 solutions. All EVM chains on Dune have raw data, decoded data and abstracted data tables available.

Other Chains

We provide data for a wide range of blockchains. The depth of data available for these chains may vary, but we always carry the full chain history in its raw form.

Adding new blockchains

If you are a representative of a blockchain you would like to see supported on Dune, please reach out to us. We are always looking to expand our data catalog and provide the most comprehensive data available.


Dune provides a wide range of curated tables that simplify the process of querying and analyzing blockchain data. These tables are built on top of raw and decoded data tables and provide a high-level view of the data.

Community Data

Dune also carries off-chain data important to the web3 ecosystem that is provided by third-party data providers.

Our Data Difference

We are building world-class data infrastructure so you don’t have to. Our data catalog is designed to provide the most comprehensive and accurate blockchain data available. We are committed to delivering the highest quality data, with the following features:

  • Comprehensive Chain Histories: Full access to blockchain data histories without gaps, ensuring source integrity.

  • Accurate and Validated Data: Commitment to accuracy, with validated consistency and uniqueness for all transactions and events.

  • Rich Data Variety: Decoded data transforms complex byte arrays into clear, structured, and usable information.

  • abstracted Data: Dune’s Spellbook enables collaborative, community-driven data modeling, unlocking new insights at lightning speed.

  • Vibrant Community Data Pools: Access to vast pools of data contributed by an active and innovative community.

  • Cross-Chain: Our entire data catalog is hosted in the same database, making it easy to compare and contrast data across different chains.