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"on a glance" stats in

In this section you can define what kind of data the counter should display.

  • The Title will appear in all instances of this graph prominently at the top
  • If left blank the query name will be the only thing that is left standing

  • In this field you can define which column the counter should show.

  • This field can be used to define which row of the underlying datatable you want displayed e.g. row 1
  • Usually this requires you to sort or limit your query results in order for row 1 to show the wanted results.

  • This field allows you to define a prefix for your counter value.
  • e.g.: $, , Ξ, ฿
  • This field allows you to define a suffix for your counter value.
  • This field allows you to define a label for your counter value.
  • The label will appear beneath the counter value as text.
  • In this field you can choose how many decimals you want displayed for your counter
  • This is currently limited to 3 decimal places.

Here is an example to bring some points explained earlier home.
label configuration
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