Dune’s Owner Labels is a crucial dataset that enriches blockchain data with detailed owner, category, and headquarters country information. This dataset focuses on entities—both centralized and decentralized—that operate on-chain, providing essential context for deep analytical insights.

What are Owner Labels?

Labels extend blockchain data to include:

  • Owner Information: Contextual details about the companies, projects, and organizations active on-chain.
  • Category Details: Classification of entities based on their operational focus.
  • Headquarters Information: Geographical data about where entities are based.

This dataset explicitly excludes private wallets of individual cryptocurrency holders.

Key Tables

Why Use Owner Labels?

These labels are crucial for:

  • Identifying and Analyzing: Recognizing key players and their roles within the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Categorizing and Contextualizing: Segmenting blockchain activities by owner type to analyze patterns based on categorized data.

How We Developed Adress Owner Labels

The development of Owner Labels was a collaborative effort involving industry experts from leading organizations like Steakhouse, Blockworks, and Polygon. Together, we:

  • Brought together 15 industry experts to brainstorm and refine this project.
  • Referenced standards groups like the Open Labels Initiative to ensure broad compatibility and acceptance.
  • Defined a robust set of categories and established automated quality checks to maintain the integrity of the dataset.

The need for accessible, high-quality labeled blockchain data is critical, yet such data is notoriously challenging to collect and maintain.

Dune is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive Owner Labels across the Web3 ecosystem, leveraging our exclusive industry working group, transparent audit processes, automated quality checks, and advanced AI, all underpinned by a commitment to openness and collaborative industry standards.

Joining the working group

Dune continues to expand its collaboration network. If you are interested in contributing to the dataset or want to join our industry working group, please apply here.

Label categories

Find below the list of labels and categories available in the Owner Labels dataset: