Dune’s operations largely rely on a credit system. This guide will explain the concept of credits, their consumption, and management.

What are Credits?

Credits serve as Dune’s platform currency, facilitating executions and data access via the API. Opting for better performance or larger data exports will consume more credits.

Each month, based on your subscription plan, your account receives a specific credit allocation. Please note that any unused credits will not carry over to the next month.

For those using Dune in a team account, credits are shared among all team members.

What Consumes Credits?

Opting for larger, more powerful engines will result in higher credit consumption.

Managing Your Credits

To view your current credit usage, hover over the odometer icon at the top of your dashboard. Ensure you’re checking within the correct context.

For a detailed view of credit usage and other quotas, navigate to Settings → Subscriptions.

If you need additional credits beyond your plan’s allocation, utilize the “pay-as-I-go” feature. Adjust the “Limit extra credits” field to set a maximum dollar amount for additional credit purchases. By default, this limit is set to $0.