Dune’s operations largely rely on a credit system. This guide will explain the concept of credits, their consumption, and management.

What are credits?

Credits are the key to accessing a wide range of functions on the Dune platform. Whether you’re delving into writing queries or simply exploring dashboards, knowing how credits operate is crucial.

Why are credits important?

All actions on Dune, from refreshing a dashboard to exporting data via the API, consume credits. It’s vital for every user, viewer, or creator alike, to be mindful of their credit usage.

Your Credit Allocation

No worries, every Dune user gets a monthly credit allowance. Here’s how it works:

🎟️ Monthly Credit Allowance

  • Set Number of Credits: Each month, your subscription plan provides a set allotment of credits.
  • Top-Up: Run out of credits? Our “pay as you go” option lets you add more anytime, ensuring your work is always in flow.

🔄 Rollover Policy

  • Monthly Refresh: Credits reset at the start of each billing cycle; they do not roll over to the next month.
  • Maximize Use: Plan your activities to maximize the utility of your credits.

👥 Team Accounts

  • Collective Pool: All team members draw from a shared pot of credits. Sync up to make the most of your resources.

Understanding Credit Use on Dune

Credits power your work on Dune, and here’s how they’re typically used:

Estimating Credit Usage

Understanding how your activities on Dune consume credits can help you manage your resources more effectively:

  • Credit Estimates: Always check for tooltips or on-screen indicators that provide real-time estimates of credit costs before you perform actions.
  • Active Monitoring: Keep a regular tab on your credit usage through your settings dashboard to avoid surprises.

Managing Your Credits

Tracking Your Usage

Hover over the odometer icon in your navigation bar for a quick glance at your credits. Make sure you’re looking at the right account context.

Detailed Credit Information

Go to SettingsSubscriptions for a deeper dive into your credit usage and options.

Handling Excess Usage

Exceeding your monthly allocation? Here’s how to handle it:

  1. Add a payment method to your account to use additional credits at a fee above your included limit.
  2. Set a cap in the limit extra credits field to keep your spending in check.