Counterparty Activity Daily

The labels.counterparty_activity_daily table offers detailed insights into the daily transactions between labeled owners and their counterparties. This table is crucial for analyzing the dynamics of asset flows between entities on a day-to-day basis.

Column Descriptions

Column NameDescription
blockchainThe blockchain network where the transactions occurred.
addressThe blockchain address of the labeled owner.
custody_ownerThe entity or organization that has custody of the address.
account_ownerThe specific account owner of the address, if applicable.
block_dateThe date of the transactions recorded.
counterpartyThe counterparty involved in the transactions with the owner.
transfers_inNumber of transfers into the address from the counterparty on the specified day.
transfers_outNumber of transfers out of the address to the counterparty on the specified day.
usd_inTotal USD value of assets transferred into the address on the specified day.
usd_outTotal USD value of assets transferred out of the address on the specified day.

Table Sample

Example Query

The following SQL query demonstrates how to find daily transaction details between a labeled owner and a specific counterparty:

    address = 0x7777773606e7e46c8ba8b98c08f5cd218e31d340 AND
    counterparty = 0x8888883606e7e46c8ba8b98c08f5cd218e31d340 AND
    block_date BETWEEN '2023-10-27' AND '2024-03-01'