The data for the mode tables is provided by the mode team.

Traces and creation traces for this network currently experience some data quality issues.

Mode is the Modular DeFi Layer 2 building the Superchain alongside Optimism. The goal of Mode is to empower developers and users to grow an ecosystem of world-class applications and be directly rewarded for their contribution.

Mode builds new onchain economic systems to enable developers to scale their applications and provide higher yields for users.

Empowering Developers and Users: Mode offers hands-on support to scale your application and earn predictable revenue through sequencer fee sharing and developer airdrops. It encourages building experimental DeFi projects on Mode, making it a thriving environment for innovation.

The Onchain Cooperative: Mode is committed to rewarding developers who grow the Mode ecosystem via the following mechanisms:

  • Sequencer Fee Sharing: Mode incorporates contract revenue-sharing incentives at the protocol layer. Applications and users that scale the Mode blockchain are motivated to work together and directly receive a proportion of network sequencer profits.
  • Developer Airdrops: Mode will run a series of developer airdrops which reward developers for their contributions to the Mode ecosystem. A significant portion of MODE is available for developers.
  • Optimism’s RPG Funding: All developers building open-source apps and tools on Mode can apply for Optimism’s $2b RPG Funding program. The Mode team will assist developers with their applications.

Low Fees: Mode has implemented Optimism’s Bedrock upgrade, significantly reducing fees to be over 95% less than Ethereum. This makes it fast and cheap to use, great for end-user dApps.

Contributing to the Superchain: Mode is powered by the OP Stack, in collaboration with Optimism. We aim to contribute to growing Optimism’s Superchain ecosystem as the main DeFi hub.

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