The dex.trades table on Dune Analytics encapsulates the functional logic of recording and analyzing decentralized exchange (DEX) transactions. It serves as a foundational element for understanding the mechanics of trade execution, market dynamics, and participant behavior within the DeFi ecosystem.


The dex.trades table is a valuable resource for understanding the dynamics of decentralized exchanges. It provides a comprehensive view of the trading activity, including the amount, price, side, and timestamp of each trade. Analysts can use this data to gain a deeper understanding of the market structure, trading behavior, dynamics on various decentralized exchanges.


The dex.trades table is maintained by Dune and its community of contributors. We try to make sure that the data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, Dune does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data provided. The table covers the following decentralized exchanges and their versions:

Column Descriptions

Datatypes on Snowflake datashare are different in some cases, read more here.

Table Sample


The following query demonstrates how to use the dex.trades table to calculate the total volume of trades on a weekly basis.

  DATE_TRUNC('week', block_time),
  SUM(CAST(amount_usd AS DOUBLE)) AS usd_volume
  dex."trades" AS t
 block_time > NOW() - INTERVAL '365' day

For more examples of how to use the dex.trades table, check out the DEX metrics dashboard.