Fork of the spellbook Github Repo, open a Pull Request.

Our docs are now available at We'll keep this around as a reference, but we won't update them and eventually plan to deprecate.
When you’re happy with your spell, from a fork of the spellbook Github Repo, open a Pull Request.
This step is non-specific to Spellbook. So I will farm out the explanation to Jake Jarvis who has an excellent step by step guide to forking and committing a Pull Request to a public Github repository.
Once you’ve opened your pull request, fill out the pull request template and tag the duneanalytics/team-data-experience team-data-experience.
We will review your code and run your tests. Our goal is to eliminate this step and provide a sandbox where you can run your spells and tests directly. Unfortunately (fortunately?) Github rightfully blocks secrets from pull requests from forks which is why we can’t run DBT from your original pull requests.