Visualizations make your data come alive!
Our docs are now available at We'll keep this around as a reference, but we won't update them and eventually plan to deprecate.
Visualizing your query results makes the results accessible and allows you to effectively communicate your findings to your audience.
Dune offers you a variety of different visualization options:
  • bar charts
  • area charts
  • scatter charts
  • line charts
  • pie charts
  • counters
Combining these in a thoughtful manner allows you to best communicate your data to your audience.

Creating Visualizations

You can create visualizations from any query results in seconds using our visualization engine.
Simply click on the New visualization button and configure the visualization to your needs.
One query can have multiple visualizations.
Read more about the different visualization options here:

What you can do with Visualizations

Visualizations can either live on your dashboard or be embedded on their own using the embedd function