Navigating the world of SQL can be daunting, especially if you find yourself asking, “What’s SQL?” Fear not! Our Wand feature is here to simplify the process for both seasoned SQL veterans and newcomers alike. With capabilities ranging from AI-assisted debugging to entirely new query creation, the Wand is your trusty sidekick.

In this guide, we delve into the three core functionalities of the Wand: create, edit, and debug.


Harness the power of natural language to frame your question and let the “Generate SQL” button do the heavy lifting in crafting a query for you. However, it’s crucial to mention the pertinent tables explicitly within your natural language question. While the Wand’s creation feature is a fantastic starting point, we advise fine-tuning the generated query with the Wand’s Edit tool.

For instance, let’s use Wand Create to determine the market share of all NFT marketplaces over the past week.


Modify an existing SQL query using a natural language prompt. As with Wand Create, it’s essential to specify any additional tables that the query might require.

Building on our previous example, we’ll employ Wand Edit to filter out any wash trading volume, ensuring a more accurate market share calculation.

For more ideas on how Edit can help you, please visit this doc page.


Errors in SQL can be frustrating, especially when they arise from minor oversights like a missing comma or a forgotten ‘group by’ clause. Enter Wand Debug, your saving grace. Whenever your query encounters an error, simply hit the “Fix Query” button and let the Wand work its magic.

With the Wand at your disposal, SQL queries become a breeze, allowing you to focus on deriving insights and making informed decisions. Happy querying!