This table contains all casts on the Farcaster protocol

Column nameTypeDescription
idbigintRow id
created_attimestamp without timezoneTimestamp of creation within database
updated_attimestamp without timezoneTimestamp of update within database
deleted_attimestamp without timezoneTimestamp of deletion on Farcaster protocol
timestamptimestamp without timezoneTimestamp of creation on Farcaster protocol
fidbigintUser ID of user on Farcaster protocol
hashbyteaHash of the cast
parent_hashbyteaHash of the cast that this cast is a reply to
parent_fidbigintFID of author or parent_hash
parent_urlvarcharPosting channel for the cast; can be null
texttextText of the cast
embedsjsonbAttachments inside the cast e.g. images, links, etc.
mentionsbigint[]Array of FIDs for the users that were mentioned in the cast text
mentions_positionssmallint[]Positions in the cast text where the users were mentioned
root_parent_hashbyteaHash of the parent cast that started the thread