Table description

This table captures detailed transaction data from the Ethereum mempool. It includes transactions that might attempt to extract value through reordering, sandwiching, or other MEV strategies.

Column descriptions

Column NameDescriptionData Type
toThe recipient address of the transaction.varchar
fromThe sender address of the transaction.Varchar
hashThe unique transaction hash.Varchar
nonceThe nonce of the transaction, a counter of the sender’s transactions.Integer
valueThe value transferred in the transaction, in wei.BigInt
gasThe gas limit set for the transaction.Integer
gas_priceThe gas price set for the transaction, in wei.BigInt
data_sizeThe size of the data payload in the transaction, in bytes.Integer
data_4bytesThe first four bytes of the transaction data, typically the method identifier in a contract call.Varchar
sourcesThe sources that captured the transaction data.Varchar
chain_idThe identifier for the blockchain network (e.g., 1 for Ethereum Mainnet).Integer
gas_fee_capThe maximum amount of gas fee the sender is willing to pay (EIP-1559).BigInt
gas_tip_capThe maximum tip the sender is willing to pay miners (EIP-1559).BigInt
timestamp_msThe timestamp when the transaction was first seen, in milliseconds.BigInt
inclusion_delay_msThe delay in milliseconds from when the transaction was first seen to when it was included in a block.Integer
included_at_block_heightThe block height at which the transaction was included.Integer
included_block_timestamp_msThe timestamp of the block at which the transaction was included, in milliseconds.BigInt

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