This is a cross-chain table but can be filtered for zksync transactions.

Table Description

The dex.trades table captures detailed data on trades executed via decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This table captures all raw trade events that happen across all liqudity pools. It provides a comprehensive view of the entire trade execution process, detailing the specific paths and liquidity sources utilized.

Functional Overview

The dex.trades table provides an in-depth view of trades on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or Curve. This table includes entries for each segment of a trade that passes through different liquidity pools, as well as single-step trades. For example, a user may initiate a trade to swap USDC for PEPE. If this trade is executed through multiple liquidity pools, such as USDC-WETH and WETH-PEPE, the dex.trades table will record each segment of the trade as a separate entry. Conversely, a single-step trade, such as directly swapping USDC for ETH, will be recorded as a single entry.

This detailed approach allows for granular analysis of trade execution paths, enabling users to:

  • Analyze Liquidity Sources: Understand which liquidity pools are used and how they interact in both single-step and multi-step trades.
  • Track Trade Execution Paths: Follow the exact route a trade takes across different DEXs and liquidity pools
  • Assess Slippage and Execution Quality: Evaluate the impact of each step on the overall trade execution, including slippage and price changes.
  • Monitor Market Dynamics: Gain insights into the behavior and dynamics of different liquidity pools and DEXs over time.

Table Coverage

The following table shows which projects and versions of those projects are covered in the dex.trades table on zksync.

Column Descriptions

Datatypes on Snowflake datashare are different in some cases, read more here.

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