Table description

Extrinsics (aka “transactions”) normally contain a signature, some data to describe if the extrinsic has passed some validity checks and a reference to the pallet and call that it is intended for. Extrinsics may be signed or unsigned. Some extrinsics have a complex structure, e.g. when using proxy or utility pallets, resulting in the top-level call initiating other calls involving other pallets.

Common queries on the extrinsics table (e.g. polkadot.extrinsics) will typically filter on block_time, section and method and extract JSON encoded information in data or decoded_data. In many cases, an initial query on the extrinsics table is best developed on the calls table instead to properly capture how users often use proxy and utility constructs to interact with the Substrate chain.

Column Descriptions

Datatypes on Snowflake datashare are different in some cases, read more here.

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