Pie Charts

Our docs are now available at We'll keep this around as a reference, but we won't update them and eventually plan to deprecate.
Pie charts are great for showing the composition of something.
Marketshare of different decentralized exchanges on

Configuring your pie chart

Chart Options


  • The Title will appear in all instances of this graph prominently at the top
  • If left blank the query name will be the only thing that is left standing
  • Show data labels
  • Ticking this box leads to the display of the individual datapoints inside of the graph.
  • This only makes sense in cases where you have few datapoints that are spread out far enough from each other to not overlap.

Result data

Here you can pick the data points that are to be displayed.
The configuration for the chart above
You can choose one x-axis and one y-axis.

Pie Options

Label format
  • This field allows you to define the tick format of the data labels.