Leverage Dune’s powerful search functionality to find exactly what you need

You can access Dune’s search functionality everywhere in the Dune App through the search box in the top bar. If you want to refine your searches, you can click on the type of content you’re interested in (e.g. Dashboards) to navigate to an extended results list:

View more results

Refining your results

Alternatively, you can head over to the Discover page where you will find the extended results page, with additonal filters to apply, such as ranking by trending, favorites or recently created. You will find your search input which you can edit alongside these filters to refine your search on the sidebar next to the results list:

Search sidebar

You can edit your input and the results will immediately update to reflect. You can also rank by:

  • Favorites, which combined with the time filter reflects the number of favorites received over that time period. This is useful to capture recently popular content.
  • Trending, which is an internal metric of content popularity over the short term, across 3 different time windows.
  • New, which ranks by the content’s “created at” timestamp.

You can apply advanced filters to your search, in any of Dune’s search fields (in the top bar or in the sidebar in Discover).

For example, you can search for nft tags:nft,opensea,looksrare author:hildobby,denze,rantum,cryptuschrist,sealaunch or tags:usdc,usdt,dai -tags:ust for more relevant and precise results.

These are the filters we currently support:

titleSearch by title. Wrap your value in double quotes if your input has spaces.title:usdc or title:"dex tracker"
tagsSearch by tag or tags.tags:usdc
authorSearch by author.author:dune
descriptionOnly applicable to Queries, find matches in the description.description:usdc
codeOnly applicable to Queries, find matches in the code.code:"from dex.trades"
created_beforeOnly include matches created before or at a given date.created_before:2023-01-30
created_afterOnly include matches created after or at a given date.created_after:2023-01-30
updated_beforeOnly include matches updated before or at a given date.updated_before:2023-01-30
updated_afterOnly include matches updated before or at a given date.updated_after:2023-01-30


  • You can combine multiple filters together with arbitrary text.
  • You can also combine multiple values by separating them with a comma (,) such as stablecoins tags:usdc,usdt.
  • You can wrap your input in double quotes (") for terms that have spaces, such as title:"layer zero".
  • You can also exclude results by prefixing it with a minus sign (-) (e.g. -tags:ethereum).
Advanced Search is currently only supported for Dashboards and Queries.