We currently support a Python SDK for working with our API. You’ll find Python SDK snippets on all endpoint pages, if you want to go deeper into the code then check out these files.

To still the SDK, run the following command in your terminal:

pip install dune-client

Be sure you are using the latest release. You can find all release versions here - there may be code added to the repo that has not been put into a release yet.

You will commonly work with the QueryBase class which can be created like this:

from dune_client.types import QueryParameter
from dune_client.client import DuneClient
from dune_client.query import QueryBase

query = QueryBase(
    name="Sample Query",
        QueryParameter.text_type(name="TextField", value="Word"),
        QueryParameter.number_type(name="NumberField", value=3.1415926535),
        QueryParameter.date_type(name="DateField", value="2022-05-04 00:00:00"),
        QueryParameter.enum_type(name="EnumField", value="Option 1"),
print("Results available at", query.url())

The query object is defined as QueryBase and all properties can be found in this file.

Other classes such as execution results can be found here, detailing operations like ResultsResponse.get_rows() for getting the data out of a GET request.

If you are trying to load data into a Pandas DataFrame, you can use the following function from the sdk.

results_df = dune.run_query_dataframe(query)


We have a community client from that can be found here.

To install, run this command

yarn add @duneanalytics/client-sdk

Currently this client only supports the execution based endpoints, and not Query Endpoints or uploads. Here is an example query:

import { QueryParameter, DuneClient } from "@duneanalytics/client-sdk";
const { DUNE_API_KEY } = process.env;

const client = new DuneClient(DUNE_API_KEY ?? "");
const queryID = 1215383;
const params = {
  query_parameters = [
    QueryParameter.text("TextField", "Plain Text"),
    QueryParameter.number("NumberField", 3.1415926535),"DateField", "2022-05-04 00:00:00"),
    QueryParameter.enum("ListField", "Option 1"),

  .runQuery(queryID, params)
  .then((executionResult) => console.log(executionResult.result?.rows));