Rate Limits

Our rate limits are implemented in three ways: IP, low vs. high limit endpoints and subscription plan.

Per IP1000 requests per second (rps)
FreeLow limit15 requests per minute (rpm)
FreeHigh limit40 rpm
PlusLow limit70 rpm
PlusHigh limit200 rpm
PremiumLow limit350 rpm
PremiumHigh limit1000 rpm
EnterprisePlease contact us!

Rate limits for different dimensions are separate but can be utilized independently. For example, on the Free plan, you have a low limit of 15 requests per minute and a high limit of 40 requests per minute. You can use both types of requests in the same minute, effectively having a combined limit of 55.

Data Return Limit

Dune internally has a maximum query result size limit (which currently is 8GB, but subject to increase in the future). If your query yields more than 8GB of data, the result will be truncated in storage. In such cases, pulling the result data (using pagination) but without specifying allow_partial_results set to true will trigger an error message: “error”: “Partial Result, please request with ‘allows_partial_results=true’“. If you wish to retrieve partial results, you can pass the parameter allow_partial_results=true. But please make sure you indeed want to fetch the truncated result.