Custom Endpoints allow developers to create and manage API endpoints from Dune queries. By selecting a query and scheduling it to run at a specified frequency, developers can call a custom URL to consume data. This flexible alternative to Preset Endpoints provides greater customization without the complexities of SQL Endpoints.

How to Create a Custom Endpoint

  • The custom endpoint shares the same refresh schedule as the underlying query. Changing the query schedule will also change the endpoint schedule, and vice versa. See scheduling queries for more info.
  • All your custom endpoints can be found in Library > Custom endpoints.

You can only create endpoints from queries you own. Creating endpoints from others’ queries can lead to changes in the logic without notification, breaking your data consumption pipeline.

Credits Consumption

Custom endpoints consume credits in two ways:

  1. Refresh schedule: Credits are consumed based on the engine size (e.g., 10 credits per refresh for medium, 20 credits for large). The monthly credit consumption is shown during endpoint creation.
  2. Data fetch: Credits are charged based on the datapoints read from the endpoint. Utilize result filtering to consume fewer credits by reading fewer datapoints.

For more information on credits, visit this page.