Zora is a blockchain platform designed specifically to support digital creators and the broader creative economy. Leveraging the power of decentralized technology, Zora Chain facilitates the minting, buying, and trading of digital assets, including NFTs, with enhanced scalability and reduced transaction costs. Zora is based on the OP stack and uses Ether as its native currency.

Creative Economy Focused: Zora Chain is built to cater to the needs of digital artists, musicians, and other creators, providing them with a blockchain infrastructure that supports direct and fair monetization of their work.

Low-Cost Transactions: By optimizing transaction efficiency, Zora Chain minimizes the costs associated with minting and trading digital assets, making it more accessible for creators and collectors alike.

Scalability and Performance: Designed for high throughput, Zora Chain ensures that the growing demand for NFTs and digital goods doesn’t compromise performance, enabling a seamless user experience.

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