The labels.addresses table on Dune catalogs specific blockchain addresses, associating them with descriptive labels, categories, and usage metrics. This table is a superset of many other labels.<category> tables, providing a comprehensive overview of labeled addresses across various categories and blockchains. You can use the category column to filter labels for the specific type of address you are interested in.

The labels.addresses table serves as a central repository for all labeled addresses on Dune, offering a consolidated view of labeled entities across different categories and blockchains.

Column Descriptions

Column NameDescription
blockchainThe blockchain network where the address is located (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Chain).
addressThe blockchain address being labeled.
nameDescriptive name or label for the address.
categoryThe category that best describes the address’ role (e.g., dex, wallet).
contributorThe Dune user who contributed the data.
sourceThe source or methodology used to gather or verify the information.
created_atThe date when the label record was first created.
updated_atThe date when the label record was last updated.
model_nameThe model used for categorizing or labeling the address.
label_typeThe type of label applied to the address, indicating its primary usage or function.

Table Sample

Example Query

The following SQL query demonstrates how to find addresses categorized under ‘dex’ within the Binance blockchain:

  category = 'dex' AND
  blockchain = 'bnb'