Why Labels Matter

Labels are more than just simple tags or annotations. They provide valuable context and clarity to blockchain addresses, enhancing the readability and understanding of blockchain transaction data.

In the world of blockchain analysis, labels play a crucial role in identifying and categorizing different entities and activities. They act as signposts, guiding analysts through the complex web of transactions and addresses, making it easier to identify the parties involved and their roles.

By mapping blockchain addresses to known entities, labels bring transparency to transaction analysis. They help distinguish between individuals, organizations, smart contracts, and other important actors in the blockchain ecosystem. This clarity is essential for compliance, risk assessment, and investigative purposes.

But labels go beyond just static information. They can also be dynamic, adapting to address activity and providing insights into address roles and functions. This dynamic nature allows for a more nuanced understanding of the blockchain landscape, uncovering patterns and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Labels datasets

We provide a range of label datasets that can be used to enrich your analysis. These datasets include: