The labels.ens table on Dune provides key information about Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains and their associated addresses. This table is instrumental in linking human-readable names with blockchain addresses, aiding in identity verification and data aggregation within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Column Descriptions

Column NameDescription
blockchainThe blockchain network associated with the ENS record (e.g., Ethereum).
addressThe blockchain address linked to an ENS name.
nameThe ENS name corresponding to the address.
categoryCategory of the label, typically set to ‘ENS’ for all records.
contributorThe Dune user who contributed or verified the data.
sourceThe data source or method used to obtain the ENS information.
created_atThe date when the record was first created.
updated_atThe date when the record was last updated.
model_nameThe model used for categorizing or labeling, typically ‘ens’.
label_typeThe type of label, typically ‘identifier’ for ENS names.

Table Sample

Example Query

The following SQL query demonstrates how to retrieve details for a specific ENS name within the Ethereum blockchain:

  name = 'vitalik.eth'