Tables are the default Visualization whenever you create and run a Query.

query results table example

You can also make more Tables to display your data differently using the New visualization button and drop down menu:

new table visualization

Configuring your Table

table configuration options

Table options


The Title appears at the top of your Table.

Leaving default value (Table) or making this blank makes your Table title the same as your Query’s title/name.

Adding any other value to this field will add that value first, followed by your Query Name:

table title example

Note: the default value for “Query Results” is treated like an added value.

“Column [x]:” options

You can configure the following options for each column in your Table

The Title appears at the top of your Table.

Leaving this blank makes your column title the same as its Dune database name.

Numerical Column options

Columns that return numerical data have these additional options:

  • Normal simply displays the column’s numerical data.
  • Progress bar shows the column’s numerical data with a progress bar visual that is “full” for the column’s highest value and “nearly empty” for the column’s lowest value, with the rest of the data ranging in between:

progress bar example