This table contains records with information about each bid.

Column nameTypeDescription
idstringInternal order id
kindstringProtocol name (e.g. seaport)
statusstringOrder status (active, inactive)
contractstringContract address
token_set_idstringId of the token set
makerstringMaker wallet address
takerstringTaker wallet address
pricestringThe current price (native currency)
valuestringThe current value (native currency)
currency_addressstringCurrency address
currency_symbolstringCurrency symbol
currency_pricestringCurrency price
quantitybigintAmount of tokens that is listed
quantity_filledbigintAmount of tokens that was filled
quantity_remainingbigintAmount of tokens remaining
valid_frombigintListing start time
valid_untilbigintListing end time
noncebigintThe order nonce of the maker
sourcestringSource of the listing (e.g.
fee_bpsbigintListing fee
expirationbigintAssociated transaction hash
raw_datastringRaw order data (format will vary per source)
created_attimestampTimestamp the listing was created
updated_attimestampTimestamp the listing was updated