This table contains records with information about each NFT collection.

Query examples can be found here:

Column nameTypeDescription
idstringInternal collection id
slugstringCollection slug
namestringCollection name
descriptionstringCollection description
token_countbigintId of the token in the collection
contractstringContract address
day1_rankbigintRanking in the previous day
day7_rankbigintRanking in the previous 7 days
day30_rankbigintRanking in the previous 30 days
all_time_rankbigintAll time ranking
day1_volumedecimalTrade volume in the previous day
day7_volumedecimalTrade volume in the previous 7 days
day30_volumedecimalTrade volume in the previous 30 days
all_time_volumedecimalAll time trade volume
day1_volume_changedoubleTrade volume change in the previous day
day7_volume_changedoubleTrade volume change in the previous 7 days
day30_volume_changedoubleTrade volume change in the previous 30 days
floor\ask_valuedecimalCurrent floor sale price (native currency)
day1_floor_sale_valuedecimalFloor sale price in the previous day
day7_floor_sale_valuedecimalFloor sale price 7 days ago
day30_floor_sale_valuedecimalFloor sale price 30 days ago
day1_floor_sale_changedoubleFloor sale price change from previous day
day7_floor_sale_changedoubleFloor sale price change from 7 days ago
day30_floor_sale_changedoubleFloor sale price change from 30 days ago
created_attimestampTimestamp the collection was created
updated_attimestampTimestamp the collection was updated