This table contains records with information about each sale.

Query examples can be found here:

Column nameTypeDescription
idstringInternal sale id
contractstringContract address
token_idstringId of the token in the collection
order_idstringAssociated order id
order_kindstringProtocol name (e.g. seaport)
order_sidestringOrder type (ask / bid)
order_sourcestringSource of the listing (e.g.
fromstringMaker wallet address
tostringTaker wallet address
pricedecimalSale price (native currency)
usd_pricestringSale price in USD
currency_addressstringThe currency address used for this sale
currency_symbolstringThe currency symbol used for this sale
currency_pricedecimalSale price
amountstringAmount of tokens sold
fill_sourcestringWhere the order was filled
aggregator_sourcestringaggregator source (e.g. reservoir)
wash_trading_scoreintInternal wash trading score (based on past sales)
is_primarybooleanIs paid mint?
tx_hashstringAssociated transaction hash
tx_log_indexintAssociated transaction log index
tx_batch_indexintAssociated transaction batch index
tx_timestampbigintAssociated transaction timestamp
created_attimestampTimestamp the sale was recorded
updated_attimestampTimestamp the sale was updated