This table contains records with information about each NFT token.

Query examples can be found here:

Column nameTypeDescription
idstringInternal token id
contractstringContract address
token_idstringId of the token in the collection
namestringNFT name
descriptionstringNFT description
collection_idstringAssociated Collection id
ownerstringOwner wallet address
floor_ask_idstringFloor ask id
floor_ask_valuebigintFloor ask value
floor_ask_makerstringFloor ask maker wallet address
floor_ask_valid_frombigintFloor ask Listing start time
floor_ask_valid_tobigintFloor ask Listing end time
floor_ask_sourcestringFloor ask source (e.g.
last_sale_valuebigintAssociated transaction timestamp
last_sale_timestampbigintAssociated transaction timestamp
created_attimestampTimestamp the token was created
updated_attimestampTimestamp the token was updated