This table contains records with information about each NFT token floor ask change.

Query examples can be found here:

Column nameTypeDescription
idbigintInternal token attribute id
kindstringEvent type (new-order, expiry, sale, cancel, balance-change, approval-change, bootstrap, revalidation, reprice)
contractstringContract address
token_idstringId of the token in the collection
order_idstringAssociated Ask id
makerstringAssociated Ask maker wallet address
pricedecimalAssociated ask price (native currency)
previous_pricedecimalAssociated ask price (native currency)
noncestringThe order nonce of the maker
valid_frombigintAssociated ask validity start
valid_untilbigintAssociated ask validity expiration
sourcestringSource of the order (e.g.
tx_hashstringAssociated transaction hash
tx_timestampbigintAssociated transaction timestamp
created_attimestampTimestamp the event was recorded